Flat Ribbon IDC Cables

Custom flat ribbon cable
ICT has the tooling to work with an array of both flat ribbon and IDC cables

International Component Technology manufactures flat ribbon and IDC cable harness assemblies using PVC and Teflon wires. We work with small cable spacings, including 0.100” center, 0.250”, 0.500”, and 2 mm pitch. Our flat ribbon cable is available with solid gray or color-coded wires, and straight or twisted pairs.

All of our IDC flat ribbon cable harnesses are manufactured to our customers specifications. We can work from your existing designs, drawings, or concepts, or create a completely new design to meet your unique needs. Our design team will work with you, as needed, to optimize your designs for improved form, fit, and function, better performance, and better manufacturability.

In addition to adding flat ribbon connectors to our flat ribbon cables, we also have the capabilities to separate the ends of flat cables into individual wires, strip them, and crimp or solder the conductors to separate connectors. Few other harness manufacturers can offer this service, and it enables us to create truly custom flat ribbon cable harnesses.

All of our flat ribbon and IDC cable harnesses are 100% tested for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping.

Request a quote today for IDC cable and flat ribbon cable harnesses for your application, or contact International Component Technology to learn more.