Flat Panel Display Cables

Cables for flat panel displays
ICT has specialized in flat panel display cables since 1987

International Component Technology (ICT) specializes in assembling cables for flat panel displays. We have the capability to provide extremely small contact spacing—down to 0.5 mm—that few other manufacturers can achieve. And, while larger cables or those with larger contact spacing can be manufactured with automated equipment, our flat panel display cables require a more hands-on approach that ensures greater attention to detail and a superior quality product.

ICT produces custom flat panel display cables made to match our customers’ exact specifications. We can work from your designs, sketches, or concepts; or we can create a completely new design to meet your needs. We can even reverse-engineer designs based on existing products. We will help you refine your designs, as needed, for proper form, fit, and function. We can assist you with numerous product considerations, including, but not limited to:

  • High or low temperature applications
  • Flexibility
  • Shielded or unshielded cables
  • Discrete wires and twisted pair discrete wires

We produce cables for a broad spectrum of applications, such as LCD cables for aircraft cockpit instrumentation and medical device displays. Because performance and precision are critical, all of our cables for flat panel displays are 100% tested for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping. We also quality check every cable for crimp height, pull test, and proper loading, as well as other performance factors.

Other applications for ICT’s flat panel display cables include:

  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • ATM touch screens
  • Military equipment, such as mobile artillery cannons and fighter jets
  • GPS navigation devices for private aircraft and trucking fleets
  • and countless others

Request a quote today for flat panel display cables for your application, or contact International Component Technology to learn more.