LED billboard electronic wiring harnesses
Harness electronics
Touch screen POS Systems

International Component Technology manufactures superior quality custom flat panel display cables and cable harness assemblies for electronic equipment and devices. We have the capability to create tight tolerance products with spacing from 2.0 mm down to 0.5 mm pitch. We offer complete lot traceability for all component and assemblies, and test all products for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping.

Electronic wiring harness and cable applications where you’ll find our products include:

  • Flat panel displays
  • Battery cables for cell phones and handheld devices
  • Home security and home automation systems
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Data transfer devices
  • Touchscreen POS (point of sale) systems
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Automation cables
  • and many more

International Component Technology delivers high quality, high performance custom cables and cable harness assemblies for all electronic applications. Request a quote today, or contact us for more information.