Cable harnesses for medical devices
Patient Monitor
Wiring assemblies for medical equipment
MRI Examination

International Component Technology manufactures custom flat panel display cables and cable harness assemblies for a wide range of medical devices. Because medical equipment can mean the difference between life and death, these devices must be built to the highest standards of quality. Our products meet or exceed the quality standards of the medical industry.

We have the manufacturing capability to meet the close tolerances and tight spacing requirements that medical equipment requires, with spacing from 2.0 mm down to 0.5 mm pitch. We offer complete lot traceability for all of our products, parts, and components, and every cable and assembly we produce is tested for shorts and continuity prior to shipping.

Medical devices and equipment that utilize our products include:

  • Patient monitors
  • Equipment in ambulances and other emergency vehicles
  • In-flight medical devices
  • EKG & EEG monitors and similar equipment
  • Drug delivery devices
  • ER and operating room equipment
  • and many others

Request a quote today for custom cables and cable harnesses for your medical devices, or contact International Component Technology to learn more.