Jacketed Cables

Custom jacketed cable assemblies

ICT stocks a number of different cables- including ones with braid and foil shield, twisted pairs, and PVC or Teflon jackets

International Component Technology (ICT) manufactures jacketed cable assemblies using PVC and Teflon wires. Our jacketed cable assemblies are available with a number of wire configurations, including:

  • Individual wires or twisted pairs
  • Braid shielding
  • Foil shielding with a drain wire
  • Braid and foil shielding

ICT uses ultra-flexible, PVC-jacketed, twisted pair shielded cable in our jacketed cable assemblies. This specialty cable reduces the strain placed upon our assemblies’ connectors during everyday use.

We manufacture all of our jacketed cable assemblies to meet our customers’ unique specifications. We can work from your design drawings or develop new designs based on your requirements for form, fit, and function. Our team will work with you, as needed, to refine your designs for better product performance and more time- and cost-effective manufacturability.

All of our jacketed cable assemblies are 100% tested for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping.

Request a quote today for jacketed cable assemblies, or contact International Component Technology for more information.