Overmolded Cables

Custom overmolded cables

ICT can meet your most demanding overmolded cable requirements

International Component Technology provides overmolded cable assemblies to meet our customers’ unique needs. We work with PVC-overmolded cable to create custom assemblies that match your exact specifications. We can provide the specialty connectors your designs dictate, with standard overmolded interfaces at the opposite ends of the cable. With sufficient volume, we can also offer inserts featuring your company's logo in standard molds or custom molds.

We can work with your designs, drawings, or concepts, or develop an entirely new design based on your performance requirements. We can also help you refine your designs, as needed, to deliver better form, fit, and function, and for more cost- and time-effective manufacturability. 

All overmolded cables are 100% tested for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping.

Request a quote today for overmolded cables for your application, or contact International Component Technology to learn more.