Wiring assemblies for ruggedized computers
Ruggedized Computers
In flight medical wiring assemblies
In Flight Medical
Cables & cable harnesses for avionics
F22 Raptor
Wiring assemblies for cockpit controls & gauges
Avionics, Controls & Guages

International Component Technology manufactures custom flat panel display cables and cable harness assemblies for military and defense applications. We deliver top quality products, built to AS9100 REV. D specifications using MIL-W-22579 and MIL-W-16878 Teflon wire. We provide complete lot traceability for all products, parts, and components, and every product we make is tested for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping.

Military applications where you’ll find our cable and wiring assembly products include:

  • Ruggedized computers
  • Navigation systems
  • In-flight medical systems
  • Flight simulators
  • Communications systems in F-16s, F-22s, and other fighter jets
  • Lighting cables for Air Force One
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Automation cables
  • Avionic controls and gauges
  • and many others

International Component Technology has the manufacturing capabilities to meet the high tolerance, high performance requirements of any military application. Request a quote for the custom cables and wiring assembly products your project requires, or contact us to learn more.